March 2015

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    Beautiful Combination Of Art And Nature

    Photography is an art, and just like every kind of art, the most important thing is the actual artist with unique ideas and the way he/she produces their unique masterpiece. In photography it’s not only good quality of a photographer to only capture a beautiful thing, The real photographer can capture a bad and ugly […]


    Top 10 Richest Soccer Players Of The World

    #10 Thierry Henry – €57m Legendary French striker Thierry Henry had affected from Arsenal to metropolis in 2007 for €20 million (£16m) and signed a four-year subsume the Catalan club value €5.6m (£4.6m) a season. In 2010, Henry became the very best paid player in MLS, once he joined big apple Redbulls, surpassing David Beckham’s […]

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  • Nintendo gaming on smartphones -

    Nintendo Gaming On Smartphones

    Nintendo Smartphone Gaming Japanese video game company Nintendo going to develop smartphone games, heeding calls from investors to boost revenue by taking painting characters like Super Mario to the players a lot of and a lot of rejection its consoles. Nintendo, that already warned its annual operating profit would fraction on weak console sales, same […]

  • Priyanka Chopra In Hollywood

    Priyanka Chopra Signed An American TV Show

    After Bollywood Priyanka Chopra Signed An American TV Show “Quantico” and going to play the role of FBI Trainee, According to our sources she have already signed to act as an actor in that TV show and that’s going to be a very big achievement for her. Like we all Knows that Priyanka Chopra had already […]