May 2015

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    Nausheen Shah Celebrating Her Birthday With Co-Stars

    Nausheen Shah one of the beautiful face in Fashion and Television industry, When she started her career as a model there were many difficulties for her because she belongs to a Syed famliy, Her mother was fully against but Nausheen had full support of her father and brothers. She have worked in many fashion shows […]


    Supermodel Ayyan Ali Top Scandal

    The supermodel of Pakistan Ayyan Ali is in prison for money laundering case. And recently Zulfiqar Mirza has given some updates about this case in a live interview. Zulfiqar Mirza made allegation on Ayyan Ali and the former president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. As per Zulfiqar Mirza the Supermodel Ayyan Ali Spend Nights […]

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    Floyd Mayweather Still Undefeated 48-0

      The 38 years old American Boxer Floyd Mayweather still undefeated, recently fighting with Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand and like always Floyd Mayweather won. But not doubt that fight was one of the best fights ever. Floyd Mayweather current fight record is 48-0 and he is dreaming about the 49-0 undefeated record like […]


    Sunny Leone And Ram Kapoor On Screen Together

    Sunny Leone the ex adult-star becomes an icon of Bollywood film industry, After doing many films in Bollywood, she is now going to work with 41 years old Bollywood actor “Ram Kapoor” who is no doubt a great actor who start his showbiz career as a drama serial actor and now he became a Bollywood […]