November 2015

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  • Flat Stomach Diet Plan - funops

    Flat Your Stomach By Follow Some Simple Instructions

    If you are trying to flatter your stomach, then you need to create a proper diet plan to lose fat from some parts of your body. But after very hard work, you might discover that this is not a simple and easy thing to flatten your stomach. You should know the reason that why you […]

  • Blackberry Priv popup widget - funops

    Hidden Feature Of BlackBerry Priv You Must Try

    BlackBerry is back with a brand new smartphone Blackberry Priv. This beautiful device is the first Blackberry’s Android Phone, Priv’s Android OS software has many tweaks and customization. BlackBerry has implemented a better version of Android which is specially modified for BlackBerry Priv to give better performance, services and security to BlackBerry users. There is […]

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  • Atif Aslam -

    Atif Aslam’s Evergreen Old Song Yakeen

    Atif Aslam has many hit songs almost each and every song of Atif Aslam was hit. He is the biggest star of Pakistan and now worldwide well known singer. His new songs are very good, but his old songs are amazing too. Today in Funops office, we an employee was listening Atif Aslam’s old song […]

  • Alice In Wonderland 2 -

    Johnny Depp Is Back With Alice In Wonderland Sequel

    The most awaited Hollywood fantasy movie ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ now out with its amazing first trailer and you will love everything about it. The entire crew and cast from the movie’s first part, ‘Alice In Wonderland’ going to work again together for an amazing sequel which looks more interesting than the previous one. […]

  • facebook death feature -

    Select Someone To Run Your Facebook After You Die

    Run Your Facebook Even After Your Death A few months ago when a Facebook user died, his Facebook fan page was totally inaccessible for anyone. Now, Facebook introduces many different options that will help users to decide who can control their FB account after you died. Read More: Google Introduce Two New SmartPhones Nexus 5X And […]