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    5 Tony Stark’s Best Iron Man Suits

    5: MARK V (IRON MAN 2) Back in the earliest days of Iron Man comics, readers were supposed to believe that Tony Stark was able to fold up his armor and stash it away in a briefcase. Granted, this was back in the 1960s, when cheesy science fiction was the norm… but that didn’t make […]

  • wonderwomen

    5 Best Characters Of DC Comics

    5: Martian Manhunter The strong, silent type, Martian Manhunter is often found brooding in the background of the Watchtower like the shapeshifting chaperone at an 8th grade Halloween dance. Even though he wields incredible power — he’s got pretty much all the powers of Superman plus invisibility and telepathy — for whatever reason he prefers […]

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    5 Best Characters Of Street Fighter

    5: Chun-Li Chun-Li is another character with a lot of options, but her rushdown game shines when you activate her V-Trigger and most of her attacks change from a single hit to two hits. This gives her the ability to really pressure an opponent and make them think twice about pressing a button. In addition, […]

  • 5-best-pokemons

    5 Best Pokemons

    5: Rapidash Really, you don’t need to know much about Rapidash to know why it’s so great: it’s a flaming horse. A horse, you can ride, which is also on fire. At the same time. Plus, it has a unicorn-like horn, which I assume makes it more aerodynamic because it can run upwards of 150 […]

  • f-35

    Top 5 Incredibly Jet Fighters Of 2016

    5: Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a combat-proven strike fighter with built-in versatility. The F/A-18E/F’s suite of integrated and networked systems provides enhanced interoperability, total force support for the combatant commander and for the troops on the ground. Both the F/A-18E (single seat) and […]

  • brittney-palmer

    Top 5 Most Beautiful Women In Sports 2016

    5: Caroline Wozniacki The Danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is at No. 10 in our list of most beautiful women in sports. Wozniacki who was born on 11 July 1990 in Poland, is the former World No. 1 on the WTA Tour, As of 23 January 2012 and held this position for 67 weeks. […]

  • blinded

    Top 5 Camping Pranks That Bring A Lot of Fun Outdoors

    5: Blinded When camping, people usually carry some sort of protection for the eyes like sunglasses. Some even carry binoculars to get a better look at the surroundings from a distance. Here’s what you need to do. After the campfire is out, take some of the ash and rub it all over the lens of […]

  • lastovo

    Top 5 Most Beautiful Croatian Islands

    5: Lastovo The island of Lastovo is part of the island municipality Lastovo, consisting of 46 islands, which have in total the population of 792 people. Needless to say, this makes Lastovo an ideal place for a truly peaceful getaway. In addition to its picturesque shores, deep, clear sea and unspoiled nature, Lastovo is also […]

  • bear-blu

    Top 5 Celebrity Children With Weird Names

    5: Harper Seven English football legend David Beckham and wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham have four children, and the youngest of them is a lovely little girl who bears the strange name, Harper Seven. Yes, it is indeed the number ‘Seven’ and apparently, the reason for naming her this way is important to her father: he […]

  • Modana

    Top 5 Highest Paid Music Stars of 2016

    5: Rihanna   Rihanna – $75 million Her album “Anti” was another No. 1 hit, and she boasts endorsement deals with Dior, Puma and Samsung. 4: Madonna Madonna – $76.5 million The Material Girl’s Rebel Heart tour grossed more than $170 million; she also has successful clothing and perfume lines. Read More: Top 5 Most Beautiful […]