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    What is The Mandela Effect And Top 4 Major Mandela Effects Examples

    Mandela Effect іs а nеw conspiracy theory thаt hаs tаkеn thе Internet bу storm аnd haѕ bееn messing аrоund wіth everyone’s brain. Havе уоu еver hаd а vivid dream аbout somеthing thаt nоt juѕt yоu but mаny people believе waѕ true but it’s nоt true whеn уou аctuallу search abоut it? Thаt іѕ thе Mandela […]

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    WWE Love Birds John Cena And Nikki Bella in SmackDown Redux 2017

    John Cena & Nikki Bella Special Smackdown Redux Hey, all! Sorry for the late post – it’s been a busy day! So let’s get into it: It looks as though SmackDown pretty much confirmed all of their matches for ‘Mania this year in this one episode – and, I’m not complaining! After seeing what matches […]

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  • WWE Women Wrestlers

    WWE Women Wrestlers Battle of the Besties

    Battle of the Besties Last night at Fastlane, we saw the tides change in the RAW women’s division with the Champion, Bayley, ending Charlotte’s coveted streak, while Sasha Banks finally got her victory over Nia Jax. With just weeks to go until WrestleMania, all eyes are on which way the division is going to go! […]

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    WWE Women Wrestlers Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

    Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax First up was the RAW women’s division’s answer to David VS Goliath with Sasha Banks taking her grudge match against the dominant Nia Jax. Pre-match, we’re treated to a history lesson, documenting that Nia has had Sasha’s number the last two times that they’ve faced each other. So will it […]