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  • Top 5 Best New Games 2016

    5: Star Fox Zero Release Date: April 22 We’re not quite sure how Star Fox Zero is going to turn out, but it is definitely necessary to note that its release is set for April. We’ve honestly been unimpressed with the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, but that’s solely due to the graphics and […]

  • 5 Best Characters Of Street Fighter

    5: Chun-Li Chun-Li is another character with a lot of options, but her rushdown game shines when you activate her V-Trigger and most of her attacks change from a single hit to two hits. This gives her the ability to really pressure an opponent and make them think twice about pressing a button. In addition, […]

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  • Nintendo gaming on smartphones -

    Nintendo Gaming On Smartphones

    Nintendo Smartphone Gaming Japanese video game company Nintendo going to develop smartphone games, heeding calls from investors to boost revenue by taking painting characters like Super Mario to the players a lot of and a lot of rejection its consoles. Nintendo, that already warned its annual operating profit would fraction on weak console sales, same […]