5 Tony Stark’s Best Iron Man Suits

Tony Stark’s Best Armors



Back in the earliest days of Iron Man comics, readers were supposed to believe that Tony Stark was able to fold up his armor and stash it away in a briefcase. Granted, this was back in the 1960s, when cheesy science fiction was the norm… but that didn’t make it any less ridiculous.

Then, in 2010, Marvel Studios took the idea of ‘Iron Man in a briefcase’ and turned it into something amazing.

Say what you will about Iron Man 2, but the Mark V’s debut appearance is easily one of the best parts of the movie. It may not have all of the different weapon systems or defensive measures of Tony’s other, fully-featured armors, but the Mark V ensured that Iron Man wasn’t tied down to a single location. Plus, with that shiny silver finish, Iron Man 2 gave fans a better Silver Centurion reference than any other film in the franchise.



Many people think that Iron Man is ‘just some guy in a suit’…but anyone who reads the comics knows that the Mark XXIX armor, otherwise known as ‘Extremis’ is where things really started to get complicated.

Long story short, Tony Stark was forced to use an experimental version of a virus called Extremis in order to save his own life. In a stroke of good luck, Extremis also helped Stark further connect with his armor on a neurological level, amplifying the suit’s capabilities further than ever before. After fighting off the villainous Mallen, Stark was able to build a suit with the Extremis abilities in mind, making the Mark XXIX the most powerful set of armor by far (at the time, at least).

As if that wasn’t enough, some versions of the armor included abilities such as cloaking, omni-directional repuslor rays and even time travel – because, in the world of comics, there’s no such thing as ‘jumping the shark’.

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Tony Stark may have kicked off the first Avengers film with the Mark VI suit, but as it turns out, flying directly into a giant turbine while trying to stop a massive helicarrier from crashing has adverse effects on technology – even when it’s something as resilient as Iron Man’s armor.

Thankfully, Stark already had an upgrade waiting in the wings. The Mark VII armor was designed to replace the aging Mark VI, both in terms of firepower and usability. Instead of requiring a mobile disassembly station, the Mark VII is able to remotely deploy and construct itself around the wearer’s body – even if that body is falling from the top of a Manhattan skyscraper.

It’s not just ease-of-use, either: the Mark VII’s thrusters were able to redirect a nuclear warhead through a portal and into deep space, and its payload of mini-missiles were powerful enough to rip a Chitauri Leviathan apart from the inside. Needless to say, the Mark VII quickly became one of the biggest guns in Tony Stark’s ever-growing arsenal.



What’s better than the Thorbuster Armor? Why, the Hulkbuster Armor, of course!

Save for the classic red-and-gold, there’s nothing in Iron Man’s arsenal that’s quite as iconic as the Hulkbuster suit. Even the implications of Tony Stark building such a weapon are noteworthy: everyone knows that the Hulk is Marvel’s unstoppable force of nature, and the fact that the Hulkbuster exists means that someone is going to have to stand toe-to-toe with the Jade Giant.

In terms of actual confrontations, the fight between Iron Man and the Hulk from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron takes the cake. It’s the fight that everyone had wanted to see since the first Iron Man film debuted, and while the rest of the movie may not have lived up to expectations, the battle itself was amazing. Not only does it have the advantage of Marvel’s ridiculous CG effects budget, but the fact that Iron Man actually manages to win the fight proves that the Cinematic Universe version of the Hulkbuster is one of the most powerful weapons out there.



If you’re going to go hunting after some of history’s greatest heroes, you’re going to need some seriously powerful tech.

As most have come to expect, the Mark XLVI comes stocked with all of the standard Iron Man armaments: repulsor rays, the Unibeam, miniature missile launchers, and even a few non-lethal weapons made it into the suit. What’s most impressive about the suit, however, is how quickly and efficiently it can be equipped.

What started as a slow, rather unwieldy assembly sequence has been reduced to a scant few seconds. The Mark XLVI basically acts as a second skin, wrapping itself around the wearer with the touch of a button. Plus, the suit is now light and compact enough that the assembly setup can be stored inside of moving vehicles – or, in the case of the gauntlets, small enough to fold out of a specially-designed watch.

Were it not for the two-on-one fight that concluded Captain America: Civil War, it’s easy to assume that the Mark XLVI would have had more than enough power to overwhelm Steve Rogers – and that fact alone makes it one of the most powerful Iron Man suits ever built.

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