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    Top 5 Wonders Of The Ancient World – Ancient History Facts

    Wonders Of The Ancient World

    5: COLOSSUS OF RHODES The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the god Helios (the patron god of the island of Rhodes) constructed between 292 and 280 BCE. It stood over 110 feet (just over 33 m) high overlooking the harbor of Rhodes and, despite fanciful depictions to the contrary, stood with its legs […]

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    Breaking: TEPfactor a new adventure experience opening in JBR Dubai

    adventure experience

    It’s home to 21 separate challenges designed to test your patience, fitness, skill and logic… Get ready escape room fans, as there’s a brand new adventure experience opening its doors on JBR next week. Located on the Plaza Level in JBR’s Bahar you’ll find TEPfactor. Kitted out like a cave, it comprises of 21 different […]

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    5 Most Beautiful Breeds of Dogs

    5: English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel is a hunting dog. Springer Spaniel is one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs. English Springer Spaniel is a medium size breed of dog. The height of English Springer Spaniel is 18 to 21 inches and his weight was 23 to 25 kg.   4: German shepherd […]

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    HH Sheikh Hamdan Just Kicked Off The Beginning Of The Government Games At Kite Beach

    Government Games At Kite Beach

    The first ever edition of the Government Games at Kite Beach kicked off on Wednesday. And with 150 teams competing for a total prize fund of AED2million, guaranteed it will get competitive. If you’d like to watch government teams from eight countries battle it through ten tough obstacles, visit Kite Beach where the event is running until May 12. […]

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    The Official School Timings For Holy Ramadan 2018

    Parents take note, the official school timings announced by the authorities for the Holy Ramadan 2018 have been confirmed. Students will complete only 5 hours in school per day, while sports and physical education classes will be cancelled for the fasting students. Also Read: A Dust Storm in UAE Expected Early This Weekend The Knowledge and Human […]

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    A Dust Storm in UAE Expected Early This Weekend

    A Dust Storm in UAE Expected Early This Weekend

    Cover your face when you go out this weekend because a big dust storm in UAE is expected early this weekend – all thanks to the Northwesterly winds. Apart from fair to partly cloudy skies this weekend, the weather would be normal with pleasant evenings. Also Read: Best Places To Visit in Dubai During Summer Today’s weather […]

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    How to Get a Job in Dubai | 4 Tips

    How to get job in Dubai

    The job market in Dubai is competitive due to the number of foreigners attracted to living and working there. Dubai is expecting an economic growth of at least 5% this year. The economy is booming comparatively to recession infested economies of the UK, Europe and America. If you are eager to get a job in […]

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    Let’s Explore the Culture of Dubai | Lifestyle in Dubai

    Let’s Explore the Culture of Dubai - Lifestyle in Dubai

    Dubai is the modern shopping paradise and home to some of the best architectural structures in the world. The culture of Dubai comprises old Islamic architecture, souks, and attractions that allow you to look into the region as it was before it got modernized. Since shopping has become the top-rated activity in the city, you […]