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A Dust Storm in UAE Expected Early This Weekend

We Need To Take Out Our Face Masks

A Dust Storm in UAE Expected Early This Weekend

Cover your face when you go out this weekend because a big dust storm in UAE is expected early this weekend – all thanks to the Northwesterly winds.

Apart from fair to partly cloudy skies this weekend, the weather would be normal with pleasant evenings.

Dust Storm in UAE

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Today’s weather forecast as per National Center of Meteorology (NCM)


Dubai’s maximum temperature is 38 degree Celsius and minimum is 27, which will reduce to 35 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

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Maximum Temperature Recorded


Minimum Temperature Recorded


The fresh winds causing blowing dust / sand and poor visibility to less than 3000 meters at times


5 Tips to Survive a Dust Storm or Sandstorm

Dust and sand storms are among nature’s most violent and unpredictable phenomena. High winds lift dirt or sand particles into the air, unleashing a turbulent, suffocating cloud that can reduce visibility to almost nothing in a matter of seconds and cause property damage, injuries, and deaths. No matter where you live, it’s a good idea to know what to do if you see a wall of sand racing toward you.

1. Put a mask over your nose and mouth

If you have a respirator or mask designed to filter out small particulates, put it on immediately. If you don’t have a mask, wrap a neckerchief or some other piece of cloth around your nose and mouth. Moisturize it a bit if you have enough water. Apply a small amount of vaseline to the inside of your nostrils to prevent drying of your mucous membranes.

2. Protect your eyes

Eyeglasses offer minimal protection from blowing dust or sand, but airtight goggles are better. If you don’t have goggles, shield your face with your arm as you move, then wrap a piece of cloth tightly around your head to protect your eyes and ears.

3. Look for shelter

Even a parked car will do, so long as it is off the road is not in danger of getting hit. When possible, enclosures are your best bet. However, anything “leeward” (shielding you from the direction of the wind) of the storm will be better than nothing.
Sand will bounce around when it hits objects, so you should still try to cover as much of your skin and face as possible.
Note: If you cannot get to shelter, crouch down. It minimizes the chance you’ll get hit by something flying.

4. Shield yourself from flying objects

Seek out a large rock or other landforms to protect you at least partially. Cover as much of your body as possible to protect yourself from flying sand. Wind-propelled sand can hurt, but a dust storm’s high winds can also carry heavier (more dangerous) objects. If you find yourself without shelter, try to stay low to the ground and protect your head with your arms, a backpack or a pillow.

5. Wait out the storm

Don’t try to move through the storm; it’s much too dangerous. Stay where you are and wait for it to pass before you attempt to move to a different location.
If you can quickly reach such shelter before a dust storm reaches you, get there as quickly as possible and stay inside. Close all windows and doors, and wait out the storm.
If you’re with other people, stick together to minimize the chances that someone gets lost.


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