Ahad Raza Mir Urges Fans to Break the Coronavirus Chain

Pakistani star Ahad Raza Mir has said that it’s a difficult time, but we will get through it together as the nation fights coronavirus pandemic.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actor took to Instagram and urged his fans to take care of themselves and support others in whatever way they can.

The actor further said, “We will come out of this stronger and better.”


He also stressed on self-isolation to break the coronavirus chain and asked the people to wash their hands again and again.

Earlier, Ahad had said that “It’s all in our hands. It might be a scary time but remember, we are all in this together. The solution is simple. Stay home. Wash your hands. For 20 seconds!”

Adding, “Keep your distance from others as much as possible. Support our government in taking the right steps and urge everyone you know to take it seriously. I know we can sure as hell beat it together.”

[Via thenews]


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