Drake Says InshAllah in New Song Diplomatic Immunity… FANS SHOCKED

Muslim Girls are Ready to Marry Him

Drake Says InshAllah

Last weekend, Canadian rapper Drake released 2 new tracks as a part of his EP shivery Hours … and Muslim fans all around the world completely lost it over when Drake says InshAllah.

The 31-year-old singer, actor, record producer, and songwriter used the word – that is Arabic for ‘God Willing’ – in his song ‘Diplomatic Immunity‘.

Drake beautifully managed to rhyme the word inshAllah with Al Jazeera and Shakira. The lyrics of the song goes as follows:

“The TV playin’ Al Jazeera

Inshallah, I hope the mission keeps on gettin’ clearer

Whenever, wherever, OVO will always be together like Shakira…”

Naturally, Muslim ladies went into a whole meltdown, fangirling over the actual fact that Drake said one of the most common Arabic words out there.

Fans Reaction on Twitter

“I’m dragging him to the mosque and we’re getting married”

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Muslim girls are searching this on Google: “How do I get my nikah with Drake”

When Drake says InshAllah

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“Inshallah, I hope the mission keeps on gettin’ clearer” – Sister Drake, 2018

Drake’s is not the first musician to use a Muslim word in a track


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