Where to Find Good And Affordable Restaurants in Dubai?

Find Restaurants in Dubai Of All Range

Looking For The Best Restaurants in Dubai?

Whether you are looking for a particular cuisine or just looking for a nearby place to eat, restaurants in Dubai cater to every palate.

It is advisable to be open to restaurants within hotels partly because many of them provide food and drink on a self-service buffet with a remarkably diverse range of food and beverage outlets, and the finest restaurants in Dubai largely reside inside the luxury hotels. They are often the most popular, and almost the only restaurants holding an alcohol license, which attract large numbers of local residents.

Best Restaurants in Dubai

If you know exactly what food you are looking for, there are all types of Middle Eastern cuisines to sample, including Iranian, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines, or even Far Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and European cuisines are widely available in Dubai.

You could also find the perfect wine and dine experience in Dubai, with restaurants created of characterized French rustic bar offering the widest selection of wines served to you.


Bear in mind that as Dubai is part of a Muslim country, many restaurants, particularly at the cheaper end of the market are not licensed to serve alcohol.

Also, some gastronomic restaurants make a fair stab at being the most expensive restaurants in Dubai without making any justice, as per many local opinions.

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Some of the Beautiful restaurants are also located on the Dubai Creek Bur Dubai shore, right down by the water edge, and could be one of the few occasions in Dubai when you actually feel like you are in the true Middle East, with the most breathtaking views on the Creek.

The culinary scene in Dubai is as diverse as you can get from the dirt cheap restaurants to the properly exclusive ranges, and this city has little-hidden gems that have been quietly tucked away for years in the Bastakia Quarter, which has been unchanged by Dubai’s usual modernizing touches and glamorous makeovers, makes it simply a beautiful place for restaurant’s time out.

The absolute loving place will have to be around the Souq, the historic and near Dubai Museum where the restaurant’s prices are very reasonable, considering that you are sitting in the most visited streets of Dubai.

Affordable Restaurants in Dubai

Looking For Desi (Indian or Pakistani) Food?

You can find the most striking Mughlai cuisines at Indian restaurants in Dubai, UAE as well. Chefs at these restaurants are determined to preserve the tradition of maintaining the innate passion of Mughlai food. For this, the preparation is kept in a very traditional way, without deviating from the original cuisine and recipes. Every ingredient that is added to each recipe is done so with great thought and passion for food.

There are so much choice and many restaurants to recommend in Dubai, and it really depends on whether you are looking for a fine dining or a fast food, but if you are on holiday in Dubai, I would recommend you at least to dine once in a traditional Arabic restaurant, for the warmest Arabian hospitality you never experienced, with the very latest facilities will be pleasantly memorable.

In addition, most top hotels in Dubai provide you with visitor magazines and a concierge information desk which both provides excellent recommendations for restaurants and as an ever-growing cosmopolitan population, Dubai literally serves the world on a plate.


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