How To Make Music Recording Studio At Home

how to make music studio at home

how to make music studio at homeThe best way to turn your room into a music studio with the help of a computer and some external devices which are inexpensive. You can make your music studio at home by following the step by step instructions.


A computer is required to record your vocals and music and it is also required if you want to give some effects to your music like echo/reverb or any other. The computer is a basic requirement of all kinds of studios e.g. Movie Studio, Music Studio, Photo Studio etc. Operating system of the computer must be Windows/Mac and minimum requirement of hardware is CPU=Dual Core, RAM:2GB and Storage:250GB. This specification of a computer is enough for a home music studio you will not face any problem during recording or editing depends on the tools you are using for recording and editing.

Purchase An Audio Interface Card:

This is an audio hardware of a computer which allow you to attach your external audio devices like Microphone and Mixer with your PC.

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Purchase an audio mixer:

Audio mixer is a main equipment for all kinds of audio recording studio, It will help to connect your musical instruments and microphones to your computer and it is necessary for large and small scale music studios. A mixer is main equipment because it helps a musician to balance the music and vocals and give their best while recording.

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Studio monitors and headphones:

Those speakers which are used to listen to tracks while editing is known as studio monitors. Studio monitors are different from other speakers because they deliver a flat frequency of sound. It means your track sounds exactly as you record or edit it, without any kind of frequency adjustments.

Recording Software:

Now you will need a good recording software. You don’t need to purchase an expensive software, you can use any free audio recording software. Audacity is one of the best free sound recording software with lots of professional tools and it is not very heavy software so any kind of computer can run it easily.

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The Microphone is also a main equipment because you are unable to record your vocals or any sound for your track without it. Always choose a dynamic microphone for a good quality of voice. Only one microphone is enough for a home studio.


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