I Had A Crush On Iman Ali Until I Met Her: Fahad Mustafa

Actor, producer and host Fahad Mustafa recently appeared in an online interview and discussed a lot of things, including his silence amid the Khalilur Rehman Qamar controversy, rumors surrounding his change of complexion and his crushes.

Fahad started off by talking about his upcoming project with Mahira Khan, following which the host inquired about his silence amid the Meray Paas Tum Ho writer’s statements. Munshi asked Fahad if it was because of his project with Khalilur Rehman, namely, London Nahi Jaunga, that he refrained from commenting on the matter.

To this Fahad said that he only knows Khalilur Rehman as a writer, “I can’t do anything about his personal opinions and I don’t think he needs anyone to do anything about them.” He added, “I try and remain quiet. I don’t think that it’s important for us to comment on everything.”


The star then pointed out the things that should be discussed, “I was really hurt when Amanullah Sahab wasn’t being given a grave. That is something I’d want to talk about. That this can happen to me tomorrow as well. He was a legend and this is what you’re doing with him?”

Following the serious discussion, the two went on to play a game of ‘Never have I ever,’ to which Fahad was subjected to a series of bold questions. He admitted that he had a relationship with someone in the industry before his marriage and his heart had been broken “How else does one become an actor,” he says, “This is why actors today don’t know how to act.”

When questioned about whether he had a crush on any co-star, Fahad went on to reveal that he did on Vaneeza Ahmad and he does to date. “She’s also in one of my projects and whenever I talk to her, till today there is this weird smile on my face,” he confessed.

Fahad then also revealed that he had had a crush on popular model Iman Ali until he met her. “I had a crush on her but when I met Iman I was like,” the actor held both his hands together in an apologetic manner. Both the host and Fahad laughed and moved on to the next question.

The last question of their game led the discussion to the rumors surrounding his change of complexion. Munshi asked him if he had ever gotten fairness injections, to which Fahad said he has a really good routine and he goes to the doctor but has never resorted to such extreme measures.

“10 years ago, neither did I have that much money, nor were there any such kind of facilities. I used to roam alone on bikes and buses and play cricket so I am dark-complexioned, always have been. There is no Brad Pitts here, everyone is like me.”

[ Via tribune ]


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