Kate Middleton Wore Pakistani Brand Zeen’s Earrings Sold Out in Minutes

Kate Middleton Visit Pakistan With Prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton attended an event hosted by Prince Karim Aga Khan at the Aga Khan Centre in London on Tuesday, where she wore a deep green dress styled with matching ceramic drop earrings by our very own Pakistani clothing and accessories brand, Zeen.

Images spoke to Zeen, a brand started five years ago and managed by Cambridge, about how it happened.

“We were honoured and incredibly humbled to learn that the Duchess of Cambridge chose Zeen earrings to stylise her look at the event, in advance of her visit to Pakistan,” said Rabia, a spokesperson for Zeen.

Kate Middleton wore earrings from Pakistani brand Zeen

“Our focus is on providing high-quality products and true value to our customers and it is a joy to see this being appreciated by the Duchess’ choice of our accessories.”


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This isn’t the first time the Duchess has opted for an affordable, international label (the Zeen earrings cost just $8!); Middleton regularly shops on the high-street, which usually means products sell out within minutes. It’s been called the Kate Effect — and the same happened for the Zeen earrings. They’re no longer available on the site, but we’ve been told they’ll be restocked soon.

Kate Middleton wore earrings from Pakistani brand Zeen

“[Kate] represents and always opts to wear affordable and stylish apparel or accessories that are within everyone’s reach, so we’re assuming our accessories suited her style, she liked our affordable price points and at the same time [it] represents something from Pakistan.”

Was the brand contacted for special order or collaboration? Rabia says no; the earrings were likely chosen by the Duchess’ stylist. “But it’s nice to know that our website is reaching an international audience.”

Kate Middleton wore earrings from Pakistani brand Zeen
The earrings are no longer available on the site but will be restocked soon.
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