Sana Khaan On Exposing Melvin Louis: Wanted To Create Awareness

The relationship between Sana Khaan and Melvin Louis went from beautiful to brutal.

They both began blaming each other for the love story turning Kaput and it was a game of one-upmanship. Sana has often taken digs at Melvin and even said he was in a relationship with multiple women simultaneously.

The war is still on, it seems! Now, in another exclusive and explosive interview with Bollywood Bubble, she said, “My main motive was to create awareness among girls especially the underage girls and save them so that they don’t go into depression and anxiety. Because I know what it is. I was on sleeping pills for a month and even after taking pills, I was sleeping for only two hours.”


She added, “My mental and physical health went for a toss because it was not only about cheating. There were so many things involved. I am saving girls not only from Melvin but from men like him. I want people to know the drill and want to give them a breakdown and all these are red flags so that they won’t be fooled. People who have gone through this kind of situation will understand.”

Nobody would have expected that a love story fans were wanting to go beyond dating would end so drastically.

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