Secrets of a Victoria’s Secret Bra Fit Specialist

Victoria’s Secret Bra Fit Specialist

Secrets of a Victoria’s Secret Bra

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One of the many crowns I wear is that of a Victoria’s Secret Bra Fit Specialist. Hay qué fancy right? Well, not fancy but I’ve learned so much in these last five years. Before working there I was wearing the wrong sized bra, and I didn’t put any importance on the fit either. Thinking back even further, I don’t recall having a convo about bras with my Mami querida. A bra just magically appeared in my room one day and I put it on. Well dolls, I’m here to drop some knowledge about the fit of your bra, because many of us are not wearing the right size. I promise you, wearing the correct size makes a difference in the way you look and feel.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when bra shopping:


Source: @victoriassecret

Brands use different sizing systems.

Always try on before buying. A 36 C in one brand may not be the same in another brand.

Once you find your perfect fit, try on all the styles in your size before purchasing.

Don’t assume that just because it’s your size, it will be a good fit. Your bra band should fit snug not tight. It should not fit loose, and it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

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When you wear your bra, you should hook it on the loosest hook.

As the bra stretches you will move over to the next hook

Your bra should cover you across your chest from one side to the other.

There should hardly be any skin exposed between your armpit and your chest. Also, the center gore (the area between the cups of the bra) should lay flat on your chest.

Your breasts should not go over the cups of the bra.

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If they do, it may be that the cup size is too small, so you’ll need to go one cup size bigger. If you have gaps in the cups of your bra, you should go down in the cup size. Remember, if the band fits fine, do not go up or down in the band size, just go up or down in the cup size.


Your bras have expiration dates.

If you’re wearing the same bra every day for 6 months, you’ve probably outworn your bra. To extend the lives of your bras, I suggest having at least three. One to wear, one to wash, and one to spare. You should wear them interchangeably.

Source: @victoriassecret

Wash your bras on the delicate cycle in a garment bag, and air dry them.

Your bras will live longer.

Do not wear a regular bra to exercise in.

Buy a sports bra! It makes a significant difference.

Source: @victoriassecret


If bra fittings are offered where you shop for bras, get one.

You should get fitted at least once a year.


And finally, mamis be sure to take your little reinas to get a bra fitting when it’s the right time.

A little bit of knowledge will go a long way as they make their way into womanhood.

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