Select Someone To Run Your Facebook After You Die

facebook death feature -

facebook death feature -

  • Run Your Facebook Even After Your Death

    A few months ago when a Facebook user died, his Facebook fan page was totally inaccessible for anyone. Now, Facebook introduces many different options that will help users to decide who can control their FB account after you died.

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facebook death feature - funops

  • Legacy Contact

One of the new options to run Facebook after death is called Legacy Contact. This contact has the authority to manage cover and profile picture, accept/ignore a friend request, and write memorial posts.

facebook death feature - funops

  • Limitations

    The legacy contact will have some limitations like he/she will not be able to open the deceased’s private messages and also can’t delete his/her account.

facebook death feature - funops

  • Other Options like Legacy Contact To Run Facebook After Death

    You don’t have to use the legacy contact feature if you don’t want to use it, there are many other options like that. You can find other options next to legacy contact option and you can also select the option to delete the account completely, or deactivate the account.

facebook death feature - funops

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