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These Wild Bachelorette Party Stories Will Make Yours Seem Totally Lame

Bachelorette Party Stories Will Make Yours Seem Totally Lame


You just got engaged! Congratulations! however do not begin celebrating however. For the ensuing year of your life, you will be forced to prepared each small detail of not solely the marriage itself, however conjointly the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, first night, and, of course, the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Sure, it’d appear overwhelming initially, however, the insane stress and disabling debt is worthwhile within the finish. (Except, of course, if all of your coming up with ends up in one in every of these humorous wedding fails.)

Maybe it’s thanks to this stress that brides appear to travel completely at their bachelorette parties. From awkward encounters to inappropriate motorcar behavior to plenty and plenty of cheating on their grooms-to-be, these bachelorette parties square measure obscurity close to as tame as yours was.

But, trust me, that is a decent issue. Oh, and if you are at work without delay, you may wish to form certain your boss is not standing directly behind you. These stories square measure wild.

“A dancer to try and do a cool move wherever he did a roundhouse over another ladies’ head.”

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“Except he kicked her. She got a concussion and threw up during a trashbag the whole motorcar ride to the hospital.

“I was in a very non-bachelorette-party-friendly bar, and one shows up. all stereotyped party too. Sashes and tiaras, several shrieking, etc.”

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“They were doing one in every of those scavenger hunts wherever they need to urge a bloke to travel to the lavatory and come out their boxers.


I’m standing at the bar and that they come back up to the present fashion plate standing close to Maine and fire his boxers. He says, ‘If I do, can you leave?’

They say affirmative, and therefore the fashion plate sets his brewage down, drops his pants right there at the bar, takes to the air his boxers, hands them to the women within the party WHO square measure losing their minds, puts his pants back on and returns to his language.

The fashion plate didn’t have to be compelled to purchase another drink for the remainder of the night.

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“No lie: a male dancer dressed as a baby. the foremost depressing issue you’ll consider.”

“Here was this fine fashion plate, long straight hair, body to die for, and swish brown skin…in footie pajamas and a BONNET. Worst of all, he had a plastic baby bottle he fictitious to pee from.

And then he stripped. Worst. Bachelorette. Party. Ever.

“I tended bar for a variety of years and saw unnumbered bachelorette parties meet up with. Dozens at the smallest amount, presumably a whole lot.”

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“I’ve seen unnumbered bridesmaids, brides-to-be, and friends get back with simply random men. I’ve seen a bride run out of a toilet and shout concerning the guy she simply slept with to the cheers of her friends.

“Limo driver here. First off, the cleanup on a bachelorette party could be a hell of loads worse than a smoker.”

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“I’ve cleaned up each style of novelty pecker product I will imagine. the fellows typically simply leave some cans or bottles within the cars.

The weirdest issue I’ve ever seen? the women invited Maine in and hey, why not? Free soda and no cowl as a result of I used to be driving them. The 21-year-old bride to be was apparently a protected child, school and everyone that.

She somehow aroused on stage, being fondled by a problem entertainer, and had additional greenback bills plucked out of her cleavage by drag queens than I would’ve ever guessed. She then got fully beat and achieved the stage by security once she began to undo her prime.

Nice quiet ride home till she threw up within the cooler.

“After obtaining kicked out of a family building for reprehension an enormous expansive phallus, we have a tendency to took the bachelorette, a former Hooters server, to the world’s lamest club. It had a bronco and ladders on the bar to encourage folks to bounce thereon.”

“Naturally, we have a tendency to all got up to bounce on the bar, and one in every of the bachelorette’s Hooters coworkers had the intense plan to yank down the bachelorette’s tube prime, exposing her hooters to the club. My friend was humiliated and burst into tears. Another friend and that I helped her down from the bar and lead her to a corner of the club, therefore, she may recover.

Two swish dudes, having seen my friend’s (admittedly excellent) breasts, created they are more than and tried to place the moves on her. Please note my friend was still crying and carrying one in every of those low-cost wedding veils folks wear at their bachelorette parties. it absolutely was terribly obvious she wasn’t solely single, however very upset. we have a tendency to told them to travel away. many times. Somehow, they couldn’t puzzle out they weren’t getting to get anyplace and were hanging around sort of an unhealthy smell.

Then I noticed it: the enormous expansive issue, that somehow had not been abandoned all told the drama. I picked it up and began touching these idiots over the pinnacle with it. Not exhausting enough to harm them–it was, after all, AN expansive you-know-what–but insistently. the planning of real worry on their faces as they were hustling far from North American country was one thing I’ll always remember.

“I was getting a ferry over to AN island off the coast of eire to attend a summer school, and on the ferry with North American country was an outsized cluster of bachelorettes.”

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“We knew it absolutely was a bridal party as a result of they were a bunch of 30-something ladies with pink sashes and headbands and since they’d brought a 7-foot-tall expansive you-know-what with them.

When we were onanism of the harbor, the captain of the boat came on the PA to run through the security checks with North American country. He needs to the purpose of telling North American country wherever to search out flotation devices just in case of AN emergency, just for the blushful fiancee to bellow ‘WE BROUGHT OUR OWN!’ and wildly wiggle the enormous issue.

I dearly would like I may have attended that party.

“My best friend was marrying her girlfriend in order that they had a joint bachelorette and that we over up at the club.”

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“Long story short, one in each of the guests was throwing cash like no tomorrow and he bought Maine a non-public lap dance…with the woman WHO accustomed torment Maine all throughout elementary/middle/high college.

Revenge is good.

“Male barman on weekends. A bus rolls up to the club. It’s very early, like 7:30 pm. an entire pack of 30-40-year-old ladies rolls in already blasted.”


“I proceeded to pour a t of shots and create a large number of fruity drinks. The cluster could be attractive for his or her age and therefore the bride to be is a terribly petite cutie. once concerning AN hour they begin attempting to urge on the stage within the back and I’m running around attempting to urge them back to the bar.

Next issue you recognize fiancee falls. I facilitate her up and am greeted with projectile vomit everywhere the front of Maine. I used to be not happy. therefore I slowly begin loading them into their party bus. because it pulls out I rush within to grab somebody to observe the bar, therefore, I may go modification. As I’m beginning the bus pulls copy and therefore the fiancee provides Maine her range.


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