Top 4 Models Of Victoria’s Secret

List Of 4 Victoria’s Secret Female Models

We knew that Victoria’s Secret Angels wore wings, but Chinese dragons?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was pre-recorded in Paris and aired Monday night, featured beautiful women in lacy lingerie, as expected. But it also featured some looks that made us do double-takes. Here are five outfits from the show that made us think, “Wait, what?”

4 : Josephine Skriver


Josephine Skriver had plenty of accessories during the show. (Photo: Michael Stewart, FilmMagic)
We know that these are wings because Josephine Skriver confirmed as much on Instagram. But they look an awful lot like Lorax trees to us.

3 : Flávia Lucini



Flávia Lucini said wearing what looks like a sexy dirndl was  “one of the happiest days” of her life. That’s saying something.

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