Top 5 Fashion Style For Men’s 2017

List Of All New Trend And Fashion Style For Men

2: Seventies Revival

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Street Style from Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week also saw a sartorial throwback to the evocative seventies. The most appealing element from the seventies trend that emerged from street style was the rich colour palette. Try harnessing a rusty brown or rich Bordeaux as the focal point of your outfits. Loose fitting button downs in gloomy tans or amber oranges are also great. Some attendees also saw the shows as an opportunity to bring out their suede and velvet clothing. The key to pulling off this trend is to find pieces that pay tribute to the seventies, but also complement your features and colouring. Oh, and refrain from donning bell-bottoms.

1: Bandanas

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Bandanas are perhaps the easiest street style trend to pull off, and they are boyishly brilliant. What makes this trend even better? All you will need is a humble bandana that could very well cost you a few dollars. An instant boost to the simplest of silhouettes, neckerchiefs are playful and can be an excellent opportunity to bring more colour to your wardrobe if you are a little hesitant to rock brighter shades. A great cherry red, cobalt blue or monochrome patterned bandana will do the trick, but ensure your knots are neat.

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Top 5 Fashion Trends Of 2017


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