Top 5 Trending Hairstyles For Men

Men’s Undercut Hairstyles to Try

5: Long Undercut


For those looking to make a statement with their hairstyle, the longer-haired undercut offers just that. The combination of short sides with long, unrestrained hair on top makes for an eye-catching juxtaposition. Thi cut also brings a sense of style to a long-haired look that might otherwise appear unkempt and careless. Have your barber take some of the weight out of your hair when having it cut; this will ensure your locks flow and keep the contrast looking distinct.

4: Side Swept Undercut


The side-swept version of the undercut is best channelled in pompadour-esque styling. Much like the slicked back version, the first step to harnessing a side-swept undercut is to ensure you have longer proportions up top so the slicking of the hair works well with the shorter sides of your haircut. The key to pulling off the side-swept undercut is to make sure that you are parting your hair the right way. This differs for everyone, so ensure that you are choosing the best part for your face. This is generally determined by which way your hair naturally falls.

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3: Slicked Back Undercut



The trick to pulling off the slicked back undercut is to ensure your hair is long enough to style it back. You’ll want your hair longer, and the key to ensuring it looks polished is to use a great quality hair product to tame the longer proportions up top. For a more modern take on this cut opt for a matte hair mousse to keep things relatively textured. For a more old school adaptation of the trend, a hair gel product will ensure the cut looks more structured while maintaining a relaxed reference to the past.

2: Layered Undercut


For something a bit different, a layered undercut is what you will want. This version of the cut is also advised for those who want to add fullness and depth to your hair from a visual perspective. By adding layers, this will visually amplify your locks, working to make the hair look more voluminous. You should also determine to what degree you wish to layer your hair. This means when you’re getting your hair cut by a barber, you should start off by cutting shorter segments off your hair, and then proceed to take off longer portions if you like the way it suits your face.

1: The Classic Undercut


For something a little more conservative, go for a classic cut which still maintains trimmed sides, but leaves the top not too long. The classic undercut is recommended for those who may be a little apprehensive about this haircut because it is relatively simple and isn’t too extreme. Styling the classic undercut is simple, and a bit of hair product will keep it clean and polished. A wet-look gel or mousse will give this cut a 40’s/50’s touch which can be great to change the proportions up.

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