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Fashion Trend Election

This might be the first white dress fashion trend election in history that left a little room for sartorial experimentation this morning. You can certainly hit the polls in shades of red, white, and blue, or if you’re supporting a certain woman on the ballot, a crisp, all-white look would make an even bigger impact. Hillary Clinton wore a memorable white suit by Ralph Lauren to the Democratic National Convention in July, and many journalists thought it was a nod to the suffragists; white was one of the official colours of the National Woman’s Party, as it represents peace and purity.

Fashion Trend Election

Clinton has worn white a few times since then, too, so we have a feeling our hunch was correct. If you’re #WithHer and need some ideas, find 15 head-to-toe white looks from the Fall ’16 collections, which are in stores now, above.



It’s worth keeping them in mind for after the election, too; winter white is perennially chic, and a feminist statement is always in style. But no matter what you wear, make sure you vote!

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