What Happens Once You Stop Wearing Bras! No less Than Amazing

What Happens Once You Stop Wearing Bras

Stop Wearing Bras! Who likes them? They are itchy, uncomfortable, annoying and so tight around your chest that taking them off is no less than an ORGASM! An Amazing ‘O’

I still remember the first day I met my mortal enemy, I was back from school and my mother gave me this piece of cloth to tie around my chest for the rest of my life. It sounded archaic to me but as 13 years old I couldn’t help but obey her. Since then till last year not wearing a bra (Stop Wearing Bras) never seemed like a viable option.

Being a slave to bras for 13 years was enough for a person like me and finally, I had to let them go (The torture can was filled to the brim). It was a bittersweet parting as I have exhilarated to let them go but since they were so damn expensive that my bank balance is still in mourning over the loss of such a nice and hefty collection.

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After a blissful one year of separation, I am truly convinced that bras are just a manmade invention to make the lives ofpeople with boobsmore agonizing.

Stop Wearing Bras! Here is a quick breakdown of what it was like to no longer be bound to an itchy, straining and overly attached garment that is no less than a noose around a neck.

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● So free free free

Remember the time when you wake up after a nap and don’t remember which year or era or epoch it is and you feel so free and laxed in life. That exactly what my state of mind was in the last few months (Obviously not always because periods are still a b**tch to deal with). I let go of the bras and finally let me breasts swing, bounce, jiggle, and, most importantly, breathe. So much better than an underwire trying to cut through my ribs.


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● Boost in my confidence.

Although it took some time to get used to the free-b***-dom, I quickly adapted to the feel and touch of my soft tees without a prickling middleman in between. The kind of confidence I developed after embracing that part of my body and no longer caring about what society thinks I should or should not do was unique. I get that me belonging to department flat and barely detectable of 32A was a perk as compared to busty ladies or ladies who prefer to get plastic surgeries over what their mama gave them.

● My wallet is healthier

Okay, girls! We all know how ridiculously expensive bras are. We are all tired with the logic of ‘lesser the material, more the price’ behind bra marketing. I’m pretty sure that most of our bras lie in our drawers as most of the time they look good but are not comfortable, and they do not match well with the clothes that we wear for our daily activities or working out session. Quitting bras was an economical decision on my part as I saved a lot on them. (Plus this meant more money for shoes)

● My back wasn’t that happy with me

Even as someone with smaller breasts, I noticed more back pain arising once I stopped wearing bras with support. From my experience, it is quite tough to maintain a posture without the support of bras. But this can easily be dealt with well-made and supportive sports bra which can help to relieve some tension from the back. But this little bump didn’t really hinder my decision as boons far overpowered the banes.

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● Acquaintance with bralettes

They are distant cousins of bras but less painful and exhausting. Going braless, you will realize that some dresses require a little support here and there. These are usually flimsy in their support and construction. For someone who isn’t used to all that padding and wiring, it’s a great (and not completely ineffective) alternative. Plus they come in really cute and more appealing designs as compared to the wicked B’s.

● People made comments

It’s not easy to shut the voices dipped in ancient stereotypes and societal restrictions on femininity. Lots of time I was given a moral lecture on the sight of my loose boobs under my shirt. I just chalked it up to stupid beauty and gender expectations and skipped on my merry way (breasts flopping and all). My ta-tas bid a ta-ta to unwanted opinions.

● I regretted not doing it sooner

‘Girls’ like to swing. And mine are in head over heels with swinging from day one. The bras may hold a great value and comfort to numerous women out there but I wish it was common knowledge that people with breasts don’t have to wear bras as a rule — that once puberty hits, you don’t have to rush out to the lingerie store for a training one if you don’t want to.

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